Monday, May 25, 2009

Children...these are OUR Children

Relaxing in my comfortable bed after a weekend at the lake, I just ran across an interesting, yet disturbing article written recently in the USA Today. Now, before I share you the link, let me ask you a question. Did you know there are schools set up specifically for homeless children? Yes...there are. In a nation that is filled with so much, there are children living homeless who depend on the goodness of others to educate our future leaders. The article I'm talking about was written by Maggie Rodriquez of CBS Morning show fame (and interviewer of my Aunt Elaine a couple of weeks ago!) and features Justin, a young man who moves from church to church every Sunday -- because he is homeless.

So without going into too much song and dance as I'm exhausted from 48 hours of running around a lake and barking at dad as he floated off in a canoe, I will just ask all of my fans to put some thought into how we can help our homeless children. What should we ask of our communities, business leaders, elected officials and government to ensure in a nation of plenty, children are not faced with such a life? Children deserve more and we, as a nation, deserve more as well. And while you’re at it, don't let it slip your mind that a pet is playing a larger role than many of those I just mentioned in helping this young man with a life of being homeless. I pray none of you, your family, friends or children ever experience what Justin is experiencing. It’s terrible. And how do I know? Remember, I was homeless too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Run You Alaskan Moose...Run!

OK fans, this one you have to see and read to truly appreciate. It appears that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is such a bad shot from the comfortable seat of her helicopter that an NRA member has decided she needs a customized military-style assault weapon to take down her next Alaskan moose. And if the moose isn’t enough “sport” to gun down with an assault weapon, it appears these will also disable military vehicles and body armor. Wow! Who knew Sarah was such a bad shot that she needed a customized white assault weapon to enjoy her favorite sport.
Now I have to admit, I support the rights of law abiding Americans to own a gun to protect their homes and to hunt. Yes, left wing Arlie does believe this. But before you remove milk bones from your Arlie Christmas list, let me tell you I do NOT believe in the legality of any assault weapons being owned by persons not in the military or law enforcement. I support the Brady Bill and strict background checks on gun and ammunition purchases. Strong safeguards such as these in place will help keep firearms out of the hands of those who need not own them. And it is not necessary for any of us to own an automatic weapon…or a tank…or a bazooka...or a nuclear bomb.
But apparently Sarah needs them for her hunting expeditions. And that lovely white color; well I’m sure it will blend in well with the Alaskan snow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How Far We Have to Go

Yes yes, I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting my next blog entry. I have slipped a bit since Barack and Michelle gave me reason for hope -- and I've not been disappointed. But as I settled in from an evening walk, loving the smell of Dad's famous grilled cheese sandwiches, I caught a disturbing news story on TV that demonstrates we have a long way to go. It appears the death of a Hispanic man in Pennsylvania will go unpunished. The victim of a beating from four football players in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania lost his life in a rage of fists, kicks and most disturbing ethnic slurs. Since I watched the story, I've been reading articles and reports about the incident and the community where this horrible crime took place. I encourage all of my readers to do the same and learn about the hate that exists in this town, like so many others, unfortunately. What is most disturbing is at a time when young Americans are exhibiting love, caring and compassion for others like no time we've seen in our history, there is still this much hate in a small American town. And we must all face the fact that this is a learned hate. Young people do not wake up and say "I hate Hispanics and if I get a chance, I'm going to beat one to death." No my fans, they are TAUGHT this hate.
I will not let this horrible act take away my hope that we are on the right path for the future of our country. But I will make sure all of my fans understand we have much work ahead of us before this "hope" can truly be felt. Speak up, speak out, stop hate and when hate does happen, scream and demand justice! Remember