Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boycott Hawaii!

Just today, equality took a step backward. Republican Governor of Hawaii Linda Lingle vetoed a civil unions bill passed by both houses of the Hawaii State Legislature to grant civil union rights to gay and lesbian taxpaying Hawaii citizens. These same citizens who pay the salary of Linda (she doesn't deserve to be called governor) are still second class citizens according to her actions.

No other statement conveys what Linda did more than this one from a leader of PFLAG in Hawaii:

"Today, on July 6, 2010, Gov. Linda Lingle denied social justice when she vetoed HB444 for Civil Unions,” said Rev. Carolyn M. Golojuch, President of PFLAG-Oahu. “Her denial is a violation of the integrity of her office and a violation of her oath of office. Governor Lingle’s denial of equal rights, benefits and protections for one segment of our citizens is a denial for all of our citizens of Hawaii.”

Integrity. A word that Linda never seemed to learn before taking office. Like many other hate-filled individuals who see equal rights for LGBT as a "threat" to marriage and traditional families (and I welcome any debate on how "straights" are holding up marriage and traditional family values...bring it on!), Linda forgets that if not for trailblazing women in the early part of the 20th Century, her bigoted ass would be doing nothing more than picking pineapples and being thankful if she got only one smack from her husband. You see, Linda, it's not been that long ago that you were denied equal rights. So what does this mean today? It means Linda will have to answer for why I and others will demand a boycott of her state and hit her where it counts most...her hate-filled pocket book.

I ask my fans to please write Linda's office, the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau via the hyperlinks and tell them "no equal rights, no money from me!" Ironic as it is, Linda can talk "values" but she is beholden to the all mighty dollar like so many others in office. Individual rights and freedoms do not matter. Money does. So, I thank you for your support and speaking loudly with your voice and your wallet. Good night all.

Arlie Rufus