Monday, October 12, 2009

Sometimes Pictures Say It Best

I just want to say I'm proud of dads, their close friends and the hundreds of thousands who simply said in a peaceful way "equality for all Americans...period!" Is that too much to ask? For anyone who says yes...let me now where I can send you a copy of the constitutution and dads' income tax returns! Thanks again. Enjoy the photos of democracy in action!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seal Pups Clubbed to Death -- We Can Stop This

I'll keep this short and let the attached video of murders do the talking. But suffice to say, the all mighty dollar can change these murders. I want to encourage my fans to send emails, make calls and demand the government and tourism industry of Namibia stop these seal pup clubbings.

As Gandhi said: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". So let's just say the morality of this nation who wants tourists to visit its beaches and see these seal pups does not exist. There are ways each of you can help take our message of horror to the leadership of Namibia and its tourism officials. I'm attaching this information below and I want to implore you to join me in sending your objections. And even more important, share this blog post with others so they can voice their opinions as well.

I blog on many important issues, but remember I want my posts and information to help those who do not have a voice -- and these pup seals do not. So you can help me help them. Thanks fans. I love and appreciate you!

Namibia Parliament Contact:

Namibia Tourism Board

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So the Conservative Assemblyman Likes to Spank the Young Ladies?

My friends, this one will not be long, but a few fans have been aching for a I will indulge. It appears another member of the family values flock has been a very bad boy. Not on the Appalachian Trail, or with a New Orleans hooker or even bedding down the wife of a campaign aide. Nope, this one has taken to spanking a lobbyist. Yes, it was like Christmas morning when Buddy and Sam's dad sent the news flash today. Another piece of ammo to once again point out the hypocrisy that is "family values" in the name of a vote (and in this case a piece of ass - oops, probably get scolded for that one). And for the life of me, how come "conservative family values elected officials" equates to "idiots". I mean Assemblyman Duvall - MAKE SURE THE MIC IS TURNED OFF!! A lot of good this advice does you now!

I encourage you to read the above link, then read this response from the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center - a punching bag for many of Assemblyman Duvall's rants about "conservative family values." You'll forgive them if it seems they are enjoying his fall from grace just a bit. But what I thought was very telling and important was the critique of how the "family values" movement never seems to bash and thrash these hypocrites after they are exposed. "Disappointed" seems to be the word. Please! Be disappointed if he misses a Wednesday night service. This man was having an affair with two women -- one half his age and the other an energy company lobbyist who apparently enjoys a fat old white man spanking her! I hope she got a good bonus for that one!

I know you'll enjoy the links, and like me have some fun with them. But remember how sad it is that people like this are spending our money, making decisions that effect us and our families and writing laws that give equality only to those who prescribe to their version of "conservative family values." Keep the peace my friends.

Arlie Rufus

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Perfect Time to Remember those in Need

As our nation and the world marks the fourth anniversary of a time that was far from our finest hour, we also have witnessed the end of an era of a senator from Massachusetts who -- for his many faults -- put the poor and needy ahead of all others. It seems fitting these two historic events are happening and remembered at a time when the debate regarding how or if we provide health care to all Americans is the headline of every newspaper and the lead story of most news programming.

As we continue to debate the issue, I would like to ask all of you to not just remember how Sen. Kennedy asked us to remember those most in need, but also to remember the pictures that should remain engraved in our minds of people losing their lives in a major US city because they lacked water, food and medical care. Just a few hours ago, I was welcoming volunteer dad back from a quick overnight trip to our nation's capital where he learned more about the importance of equality for all Americans when I saw him weeping. I was preparing to curl up beside him on the couch and I saw tears rolling down his face. "What the hell is up?" I thought. I turned to the TV and saw dad watching a special on New Orleans moderated by Brian Williams. It was powerful and sad. I saw people dead in the streets of this wonderful city. There were images of mothers with babies crying and thirsty. The elderly having their hands held in the heat of late August in Louisiana by loved ones in need. And Brian Williams said something that I’ll never forget: "I'm a husband and father of two children. And these children in New Orleans have the same worth as mine. But at this time, they did not." And my fans, that's what we should keep in mind as we determine our nation's future. I had a disagreement with Uncle Mike this week and he made a statement regarding compassion over the health care debate and government. He talked about not looking to government for compassion. I think I was wrong, Uncle Mike. After watching the New Orleans program tonight I saw that at that point in time, our government did not have compassion. You were right. And as long as we don't show compassion for our brothers and sisters, neighbors and countrymen, we're doomed to more Katrina’s.

Although I'm not one to push religion on any of my fans, I think this post deserves a bible verse to perhaps put things in perspective:

Proverbs 31:8-9
"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."

Remember those victimized by lack of compassion in New Orleans just four years ago, and I hope and pray as a nation we never ever look the other way to those in need again.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Would God Back Universal Healthcare: A Story Worth Reading

As most of you know, I don't normally go down the religious path when it comes to politics. I believe there should be CLEAR separation between our government and our churches. Yes, yes I know that our founding fathers had strong religious convictions and I'm thankful for this -- after all as Dads have told me their religious upbringings taught them to respect all people, treat them as equals and have a good heart for everyone. So for those convictions, I thank our founding fathers.

Now let me preface about my thinking on this health care crisis -- I'm not looking for the president or a democrat to get credit for fixing this insurance pocket greasing industry. I don't care who gets credit for fixing it. Hell, Sarah Palin has time on her hands, maybe she can take a crack. But fix it.
And as the health care debate heats up and some believe quality, affordable health care is not actually a god given right I ask you to read this telling article published today in the USA Today from a member of the clergy. It's an interesting take on what a few of our good books say about caring for the health and well being of others. So when some use the bible to prove a "point" that prohibits all Americans equality because of a verse or two they have taken into their own context, remember the passages that talk about loving and caring for your neighbor. It's a novel idea that our founding fathers knew hundreds of years ago. Something to think about. Good night all

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin, Magic Johnson Was a Point Guard and You Are No Magic Johnson

My fans have spoken and they are demanding a post to the sudden and yes "tragic" press conference by my dear ole friend Sarah Palin (I'll not call her governor any longer as she doesn't seem to think it means much to run a state.). Just when I think she's hit the height of being a "big ole mess" there goes again. While watching this train wreck, was anyone else thinking "this is like the student body president who got caught cheating on a test telling an assembly she had to quit?"

So listening to her resignation speech in a location that resembled Buddy and Sam's lake cabin in rural Alabama, I turned my lovable face to Volunteer Dad and said "did you just turn the TV to Comedy Central? Is this chick for real?" His response "shhhh!" this is going to be classic! And classic it was -- and still is, I must say. Another Serena/Venus final, a classic Andy/Roger final and a wonderful celebration of our nation later, I find it my duty to put some context into Sarah's Friday waterfront celebration. As I do prior to each post, I do a little looking around for news reports, comments, etc. to see what the feel of an issue is before I give it my all for my fans. I found a rundown of Conservative analysts ( calling Dana Perino an analyst is a stretch) commenting on Sarah's Friday neighborhood block party and they seem to have hit the nail on the head. The words they used include: bizarre, senseless, incoherent, rambling, disastrous, erratic and baffling.

That's right folks; the members of the Republican Party who always come to Sarah's defense are just as confused, albeit likely not as amused, as I am about this announcement. So I'd like to thank those "insightful" Conservatives for shedding light on this waterfront barbecue at Sarah and Todd's house. But I have to ask...why no comments on her point guard analogy? That was the highlight for me. Perhaps if she had consulted Magic Johnson (hell, consult anyone if that's what you do when Todd and the kids are giving you advice) she would have learned that point guards do dish off to teammates to help their team -- but they don't keep running straight off the gym floor and out the door to look for another game. They stay on the court and lead. Something Sarah has never understood. Good night all!

Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Week! Who are the real Losers?

I guess the week officially ended yesterday, but I woke up this morning still trying to get my adorable little head around the week that was! Farrah, Michael, Governor Sanford -- and then today Billy "yell at me until I clean my house" Mays. This followed the beloved Ed McMahon, the continued protest in Iran and suffice to say, we've had a hell of a news week.

So, as I'm sitting back on this comfortable couch, avoiding the 95 degree Atlanta heat and humidity, I tried to make sense of the week-that-was and wondering what is the real takeaway.

First Farrah. Yes, her limelight was overshadowed in the news by Gov. Sanford's "Don't Cry for me Argentina" affair and then the death of the King of Pop. But for the all of her oddities later in life, Farrah gave us all a glimpse into her pains and struggles at the end. We can call her dizzy, dumb blond, "angel" or anything else -- but how many of us would let the world see us dying and hope that something good came from it? I doubt many.

Then there's the Governor -- the "moral", anti anything that isn’t his family values Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. As he turned his nose at stimulus money in a state whose unemployment and poor education system is alarming, he was bedding down an Argentinean divorcee with two children. All the while, his wife and four kids were hanging out in Columbia or their beach front home. Now, for those of you long time fans of mine, you know I could go on for days about the hypocrisy of yet another "conservative family values" blowhard caught with his pants down. I mean let's only allow marriage for those "men and women" who live by God's law -- and certainly only let those like Gov. Sanford raise children. Because as we know, a home with a mother and a father getting it on with Evita down in Buenos Aires is the best kind of home to raise children. Rather, I simply ask you to think long and hard before you let another one of these self proclaimed“Christian” men or women tell you how to raise a child or build a home and family. Remember, many of them are looking for simple minded votes or another listener to their hate-filled radio or TV shows.

And then there's Michael. Oh my Michael. The father of three (although one almost bit it over a Berlin hotel balcony a few years back), King of Pop, bleacher of skin, taker of many meds, suspect of inappropriate actions with children and a refuser to grow up. Yes, I think that wraps it up. Now I've heard from Dads that this guy was quite the entertainer back in the day. I've heard some of the tunes, seen some of that dancing that appears to just now becoming popular in England (yes...MJ dancing from the 80s did defeat Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent and I'm still bitter over it) and have to admit, the dude had skills. I suppose I can see why so many are saddened by his death. But it sounds to me like many of these fans should have been saddened by his unbalanced life.

And finally we have the continued traumatic events in Iran. I've been in a cage waiting for someone to let me free, so I can relate to what millions of Iranians must be feeling: that their votes and voices have no meaning. And most alarming, they now have to feel they do not have the freedom to voice their disapproval. I support these people and ask all of my readers to support their right to protest and demand their voices are heard. But can I implore all of my fans to remember those in Darfur, Chad, and Somalia who have for years been begging for our support and aid. Why are we not hearing about them anymore? Why are "bags of wind" in Washington not taking the same passion toward their causes as Iran? These questions demand answers so join my dads in writing your elected officials for answers.

So as I leave you there is a constant in all of this week's news that is the real takeaway and that is the children. There's Michael's three who will be the topic of many media reports, and Gov. Sanford's four who have heard an abundance of "morality” from their father for years and now see actions that don't come close to mirroring his words; words that he has used to hurt many. The Argentinean mistress' two who will also have to hear an explanation as to why Mom did what she did with a married man. And lastly, there are children in Iran, Sudan, Chad and Somalia who are the real innocent victims of dictators and inaction by others. So for these young people, who cannot speak for themselves, let me ask you again "remember the children." Good night my friends. Let's hope next week gives us a chance to catch our breath.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Children...these are OUR Children

Relaxing in my comfortable bed after a weekend at the lake, I just ran across an interesting, yet disturbing article written recently in the USA Today. Now, before I share you the link, let me ask you a question. Did you know there are schools set up specifically for homeless children? Yes...there are. In a nation that is filled with so much, there are children living homeless who depend on the goodness of others to educate our future leaders. The article I'm talking about was written by Maggie Rodriquez of CBS Morning show fame (and interviewer of my Aunt Elaine a couple of weeks ago!) and features Justin, a young man who moves from church to church every Sunday -- because he is homeless.

So without going into too much song and dance as I'm exhausted from 48 hours of running around a lake and barking at dad as he floated off in a canoe, I will just ask all of my fans to put some thought into how we can help our homeless children. What should we ask of our communities, business leaders, elected officials and government to ensure in a nation of plenty, children are not faced with such a life? Children deserve more and we, as a nation, deserve more as well. And while you’re at it, don't let it slip your mind that a pet is playing a larger role than many of those I just mentioned in helping this young man with a life of being homeless. I pray none of you, your family, friends or children ever experience what Justin is experiencing. It’s terrible. And how do I know? Remember, I was homeless too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Run You Alaskan Moose...Run!

OK fans, this one you have to see and read to truly appreciate. It appears that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is such a bad shot from the comfortable seat of her helicopter that an NRA member has decided she needs a customized military-style assault weapon to take down her next Alaskan moose. And if the moose isn’t enough “sport” to gun down with an assault weapon, it appears these will also disable military vehicles and body armor. Wow! Who knew Sarah was such a bad shot that she needed a customized white assault weapon to enjoy her favorite sport.
Now I have to admit, I support the rights of law abiding Americans to own a gun to protect their homes and to hunt. Yes, left wing Arlie does believe this. But before you remove milk bones from your Arlie Christmas list, let me tell you I do NOT believe in the legality of any assault weapons being owned by persons not in the military or law enforcement. I support the Brady Bill and strict background checks on gun and ammunition purchases. Strong safeguards such as these in place will help keep firearms out of the hands of those who need not own them. And it is not necessary for any of us to own an automatic weapon…or a tank…or a bazooka...or a nuclear bomb.
But apparently Sarah needs them for her hunting expeditions. And that lovely white color; well I’m sure it will blend in well with the Alaskan snow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How Far We Have to Go

Yes yes, I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting my next blog entry. I have slipped a bit since Barack and Michelle gave me reason for hope -- and I've not been disappointed. But as I settled in from an evening walk, loving the smell of Dad's famous grilled cheese sandwiches, I caught a disturbing news story on TV that demonstrates we have a long way to go. It appears the death of a Hispanic man in Pennsylvania will go unpunished. The victim of a beating from four football players in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania lost his life in a rage of fists, kicks and most disturbing ethnic slurs. Since I watched the story, I've been reading articles and reports about the incident and the community where this horrible crime took place. I encourage all of my readers to do the same and learn about the hate that exists in this town, like so many others, unfortunately. What is most disturbing is at a time when young Americans are exhibiting love, caring and compassion for others like no time we've seen in our history, there is still this much hate in a small American town. And we must all face the fact that this is a learned hate. Young people do not wake up and say "I hate Hispanics and if I get a chance, I'm going to beat one to death." No my fans, they are TAUGHT this hate.
I will not let this horrible act take away my hope that we are on the right path for the future of our country. But I will make sure all of my fans understand we have much work ahead of us before this "hope" can truly be felt. Speak up, speak out, stop hate and when hate does happen, scream and demand justice! Remember

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This One Belongs to Dad!!

It gives me great pleasure to turn over this entry to Dad...who witnessed history and the dawning of a new day for our county...Dad, take it away.

Well, they don't get much wiser than our Arlie Rufus, so I thank him so for the chance to share a few thoughts about today and what I witnessed. Today, I'm more proud to be an American than ever. We are all proud and loyal Americans, but there are a few times in our lives when we say "Today, everyone in the world wants to be an American" and today was that day. I was fortunate to join 2 million Americans, as well as those from England, Trinidad and Tobago (friends from both with me today), as well as countless others who shared in this moment in Washington, DC. It was cold as we awoke at 530 a.m. and made the mad rush to the Mall. Cold, weary, but filled with the same hope that brought us to this day, we made friends, helped folks get the best camera angles; watch the jumbo tron from the mall with the capital ahead of us. I don't know if I can put into words watching OUR new president step down to the capitol steps. It made my knees weak knowing what was about to happen. As Justice Roberts completed giving the oath and our new President said "so help me God." I burst into tears. The African-American young man behind me tapped me on my shoulder, reached out his hand, gave me a fist bump, then shook it and we embraced. Then, the older African American man next to me grabbed my arm and shook my hand and then gave me a hug. That's what today all was about. People of all colors, races, religions, ages, sexual orientations were dancing, hugging, crying together. It was the most moving, important event I have ever witnessed.

As I have returned to my hotel room and send this to all of you, my eyes are still filled with tears. Our feet are tired for sure, but our hearts are filled with pride...pride in not only our nation for giving us this historical moment, but pride in our citizens as well all take President Obama's dream of serving our communities, schools, churches, neighbors and nation in a way we have never seen in our history. I'm so glad President Obama asked us to give of ourselves -- that's been a long time coming and what makes this man and his mission so very special.

Arlie, thank you for giving me this time. I miss you so very much and cannot wait to come home, and share a tear with you, Foster and Dad. Because today WE ARE ONE!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sure I Miss Dad, But He's Witnessing History

Has anyone been as cold as I have over the past few weeks? Dang! It's Atlanta -- Hotlanta, but the cold remains. Mind you, I am terribly skilled at dashing down the steps of the deck, relieving myself and returning back to the house for some warmth and a well deserved chewie treat. As the days and nights remain cool, I'm a bit sad that Dad Ed isn't home. No. No. No. He's not doing that crazy ass cross country travel again. Nope. Dad's in Washington, DC witnessing history. When our man Barack won the election last November, Dad decided he needed to be there. I've never seen Dad so emotional as that evening. The election had so much meaning for him, and as I've found out, for all of us. Today, Dad called and told us that he was part of the 300, 000 or so that joined together to celebrate this special time in American history with the entertainment and a short address by President Obama. He's joining a few friends -- one from England -- and all appear to be overtaken with emotion. Dad told us Simon (his pale little buddy from London) had tears when the Star Spangled Banner played and then when Barack spoke. He apparently choked Dad up to, as it proved the importance of President Obama taking over as our president...not just for Americans, but for the world. Wow...pretty powerful stuff I'm thinking! Well since we don't have HBO at the house (what's up with that...they'd never skip a sports network, but no HBO??), I couldn't share in the fun of today's events. But as Dad has said "On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, we are a new nation, one filled with hope and possibility" and that's one event I'll make certain to take in from the comfort of our big couch. I'd love to be with Dad, but if I don't want to hang out in the backyard on an Atlanta winter day, you know that DC winter weather will be ruff! Have fun Dad. We love and miss you and sure our happy WE ARE ONE!!