Monday, April 26, 2010

Animal Cruelty is NOT a first amendment right!

I listened in amazement last week as the Supreme Court of these United States upheld the ruling of a lower court that found the 1999 Depiction of Animal Cruelty Act "overboard" and might capture depictions protected by the first amendment. The case in question overturned a convinction in 2005 over dogfighting videos (remember, he's playing football, but I'll bite anyone who ever forgets this tragedy). Are you out of your ape crap mind! I have had it up to here (I'm pointing at Foster's nose) with all this "throw the constitution" to support "free speech". If videos of nasty skank women high heeling a defenseless animal is free speech, then America -- re-write the damn constitution. That's right, the visuals this ruling protects are these kinds of visuals -- a slut high heels crushing animals. We love to scream "freedom of speech" when we say and do things stupid and harmful to human beings all the time. And quite frankly, I've been sick and damn tired of it for years! Our constitution was not written to give hate-filled people the right to spew their hate. And up til now, I've let you humans just look like fools for using it to speak hate. But this has crossed the line -- it's crossed the line to impact me, my brothers and sisters. The U.S. Humane Society has posted a recent statement with the names of members of congress who have introduced and sponsored HR 5092 to crack down on these so-called crush videos. Look at this link and if your member of congress is not on the list, call and write them -- and be damn mad at them for not! Tell them if they do not support this legislation you WILL take action at the polls in November. If they have sponsored, call and write them to say thanks -- and demand they strong arm their fellow members to sponsor and pass this NOW!

You know, there was a sign in my last post dads saw at last year's March for Equality that read "I cannot believe we still have to protest this crap" and this is exactly how I feel. We have to introduce legislation to stop videos -- for profit mind you -- that help stop animal cruelty? What are you humans thinking? Stop spending time on bills that let you carry a gun in a restaurant, church or bar -- hell a school campus for that matter -- and spend your time, and dads' tax payer dollars on laws that protect animals. What a crock!