Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Remember those Who Cared for Us

Just a few short days ago, a friend of the Arlie Rufus' passed away. Reba was a spirited buddy of mine, black and beautiful. She gave so much comfort and fun to her owner, Shane -- and kept all of the rest of those humans on their toes. She was something else and made me proud to call her my friend.

Reba's story is not unfamiliar, but yet important. You see, Shane found the little puppy at a shelter -- simply wanting and needing a home and love and warmth. And Shane was just the dad to give her that. She was soon joined by her sister Cheyenne and together, well they made that Shane one happy boy. At 13, Reba had an eventful life -- well that Shane did more home repairs and additions to his house -- Reba could have hosted a Bob Villa show. She never begged for the milk bones like Cheyenne, but she certainly let Cheyenne know how valuable those suckers were. I had the honor and pleasure of knowing Reba for the past year and a half. My greatest regret is that my friend was about to move to my "hood" and I just know I could have become even closer.

Oh don't feel bad for Reba. She lived a life so many of my fellow k-9's will never know. A long life with a dad and loved her, just as she loved him -- unconditionally!

On behalf of Reba, let me do two things. First, tell all of you that pet adoption is the most wonderful thing you can ever do for a home, a family or a friend. At your local ASPCA, through wonderful no-kill pet adoption groups such as Homeless Pets of Atlanta (http://www.homelesspets.com/) or the Reffus Rescue (http://www.ruffusrescue.org/) and for those reading in other parts of the country, try Pet Finder (http://www.petfinder.com/).

And finally, for Reba let me say thank you Shane. You are a blessed and loved by the Arlie Rufus for all you did for Reba and the wonderful dad you were and are to her and Cheyenne.

Now everyone get off your tails and adopt a pet!!

Arlie Rufus