Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Open Letter of Invitation to Nathan and Sandra Deal, and Karen and Steve Handel to Dinner in the Home of a Gay Georgia Couple

So I'm turning over this post to Volunteer dad. He has an invitation for two politicians in our state, and he wants to share with my readers and fans his letter that he'll submit to the Atlanta Journal Constitution this evening. Take it away dad!!

As I began to craft this letter, my rationale was anger. I wanted to take fierce opposition to Nathan Deal’s campaign attacks on gay Georgians, and most notably gay teenagers.

Instead, I decided the anger tactic has been done with little or no success. So, I erased countless paragraphs that told of gay and lesbian suicide rates 2.5 times higher than straight teenagers. I erased comments on the wonderful services Youth Pride provides to teenagers in need of support as they struggle to understand their sexuality. I erased the multiple paragraphs that told of the sad fact that many gay and lesbian teenagers have been abandoned by their families. And I erased the countless proof points of why gay and lesbian Americans should be celebrated for their contributions to business and community. I could debate Mr. Deal and Mrs. Handel for hours on the need for gay youth support programs, the important role gay and lesbian taxpayers play in our society and why our family deserves the same rights and protections as their families.

I decided I would make a public invitation to the Deal and Handel families to spend an evening at my home in Atlanta – with my partner Steve and our two wonderful rescue pups Arlie Rufus and Foster (a family similar to Mrs. Handel’s). My family welcomes the Deal and Handel families to meet us; talk to us as constituents; learn how we contribute to society as successful businessmen and community activists; hear our concerns for the many challenges facing our city, state and country; get to know us personally and learn of our Christian upbringings. You get it; normal, regular conversations – one more thing straights and gays have in common.

I have written this letter before the results of the run-off have been finalized. Why? Because it really does not matter who wins this run-off. Instead, what is most important to my family is the position that has been at the forefront of this run-off –the denial of equal rights to gay and lesbian taxpaying Georgians.

So I ask the Deal and the Handel families to contact me either at the email or phone number listed below (if this is allowed) or through the AJC and let my family know possible dates over the next month when they would be free to visit our home. I will make formal invitations to your respective campaign offices and will allow both of your families to determine the best evening for our dinner and even the desired menu. It is my hope that by breaking bread with my family, the Deal and Handel families will open their eyes to how critical it is for our leaders to build up ALL of our youth; work for equality for ALL taxpaying Georgians; and most importantly see that my family is just as strong, vibrant and quite honestly – important as theirs. We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Best Regards,

Ed Patterson


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boycott Hawaii!

Just today, equality took a step backward. Republican Governor of Hawaii Linda Lingle vetoed a civil unions bill passed by both houses of the Hawaii State Legislature to grant civil union rights to gay and lesbian taxpaying Hawaii citizens. These same citizens who pay the salary of Linda (she doesn't deserve to be called governor) are still second class citizens according to her actions.

No other statement conveys what Linda did more than this one from a leader of PFLAG in Hawaii:

"Today, on July 6, 2010, Gov. Linda Lingle denied social justice when she vetoed HB444 for Civil Unions,” said Rev. Carolyn M. Golojuch, President of PFLAG-Oahu. “Her denial is a violation of the integrity of her office and a violation of her oath of office. Governor Lingle’s denial of equal rights, benefits and protections for one segment of our citizens is a denial for all of our citizens of Hawaii.”

Integrity. A word that Linda never seemed to learn before taking office. Like many other hate-filled individuals who see equal rights for LGBT as a "threat" to marriage and traditional families (and I welcome any debate on how "straights" are holding up marriage and traditional family values...bring it on!), Linda forgets that if not for trailblazing women in the early part of the 20th Century, her bigoted ass would be doing nothing more than picking pineapples and being thankful if she got only one smack from her husband. You see, Linda, it's not been that long ago that you were denied equal rights. So what does this mean today? It means Linda will have to answer for why I and others will demand a boycott of her state and hit her where it counts most...her hate-filled pocket book.

I ask my fans to please write Linda's office, the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau via the hyperlinks and tell them "no equal rights, no money from me!" Ironic as it is, Linda can talk "values" but she is beholden to the all mighty dollar like so many others in office. Individual rights and freedoms do not matter. Money does. So, I thank you for your support and speaking loudly with your voice and your wallet. Good night all.

Arlie Rufus

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shame on Conklin Farms and Gary Conklin

I'll keep this one short and sweet and let my new friend Jamie Lee Curtis do the talking. Many of you have seen the hidden film from Mercy Animals showing the extreme animal cruelty at Conklin Farms in Ohio. If you have not, the link I'm attaching from Jamie Lee has it and although disturbing, demands you watch and learn and act!

Jamie Lee has a link to change.org that is a petition demanding Mr. Conklin's and his cohorts arrest for animal cruelty. I urge you and all my fans to sign it and pass it on. Until we learn, speak and act these sad excuses for human beings will keep on abusing animals -- and in many cases other humans (yes my friend, look at the research -- if you abuse an animal you are more likely to abuse a child or another human!).

So I have four assignments for you:
1. watch the video...and troubling as it it
2. sign the petition
3. pass it on
4. do anything else in your powers to stop this madness!!

You are my friends and fans -- and as my profile says -- speak for those with no voices!

Bless you!

Arlie Rufus


Monday, April 26, 2010

Animal Cruelty is NOT a first amendment right!

I listened in amazement last week as the Supreme Court of these United States upheld the ruling of a lower court that found the 1999 Depiction of Animal Cruelty Act "overboard" and might capture depictions protected by the first amendment. The case in question overturned a convinction in 2005 over dogfighting videos (remember, he's playing football, but I'll bite anyone who ever forgets this tragedy). Are you out of your ape crap mind! I have had it up to here (I'm pointing at Foster's nose) with all this "throw the constitution" to support "free speech". If videos of nasty skank women high heeling a defenseless animal is free speech, then America -- re-write the damn constitution. That's right, the visuals this ruling protects are these kinds of visuals -- a slut high heels crushing animals. We love to scream "freedom of speech" when we say and do things stupid and harmful to human beings all the time. And quite frankly, I've been sick and damn tired of it for years! Our constitution was not written to give hate-filled people the right to spew their hate. And up til now, I've let you humans just look like fools for using it to speak hate. But this has crossed the line -- it's crossed the line to impact me, my brothers and sisters. The U.S. Humane Society has posted a recent statement with the names of members of congress who have introduced and sponsored HR 5092 to crack down on these so-called crush videos. Look at this link and if your member of congress is not on the list, call and write them -- and be damn mad at them for not! Tell them if they do not support this legislation you WILL take action at the polls in November. If they have sponsored, call and write them to say thanks -- and demand they strong arm their fellow members to sponsor and pass this NOW!

You know, there was a sign in my last post dads saw at last year's March for Equality that read "I cannot believe we still have to protest this crap" and this is exactly how I feel. We have to introduce legislation to stop videos -- for profit mind you -- that help stop animal cruelty? What are you humans thinking? Stop spending time on bills that let you carry a gun in a restaurant, church or bar -- hell a school campus for that matter -- and spend your time, and dads' tax payer dollars on laws that protect animals. What a crock!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sometimes Pictures Say It Best

I just want to say I'm proud of dads, their close friends and the hundreds of thousands who simply said in a peaceful way "equality for all Americans...period!" Is that too much to ask? For anyone who says yes...let me now where I can send you a copy of the constitutution and dads' income tax returns! Thanks again. Enjoy the photos of democracy in action!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seal Pups Clubbed to Death -- We Can Stop This

I'll keep this short and let the attached video of murders do the talking. But suffice to say, the all mighty dollar can change these murders. I want to encourage my fans to send emails, make calls and demand the government and tourism industry of Namibia stop these seal pup clubbings.

As Gandhi said: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". So let's just say the morality of this nation who wants tourists to visit its beaches and see these seal pups does not exist. There are ways each of you can help take our message of horror to the leadership of Namibia and its tourism officials. I'm attaching this information below and I want to implore you to join me in sending your objections. And even more important, share this blog post with others so they can voice their opinions as well.

I blog on many important issues, but remember I want my posts and information to help those who do not have a voice -- and these pup seals do not. So you can help me help them. Thanks fans. I love and appreciate you!

Namibia Parliament Contact:

Namibia Tourism Board

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So the Conservative Assemblyman Likes to Spank the Young Ladies?

My friends, this one will not be long, but a few fans have been aching for a post...so I will indulge. It appears another member of the family values flock has been a very bad boy. Not on the Appalachian Trail, or with a New Orleans hooker or even bedding down the wife of a campaign aide. Nope, this one has taken to spanking a lobbyist. Yes, it was like Christmas morning when Buddy and Sam's dad sent the news flash today. Another piece of ammo to once again point out the hypocrisy that is "family values" in the name of a vote (and in this case a piece of ass - oops, probably get scolded for that one). And for the life of me, how come "conservative family values elected officials" equates to "idiots". I mean Assemblyman Duvall - MAKE SURE THE MIC IS TURNED OFF!! A lot of good this advice does you now!

I encourage you to read the above link, then read this response from the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center - a punching bag for many of Assemblyman Duvall's rants about "conservative family values." You'll forgive them if it seems they are enjoying his fall from grace just a bit. But what I thought was very telling and important was the critique of how the "family values" movement never seems to bash and thrash these hypocrites after they are exposed. "Disappointed" seems to be the word. Please! Be disappointed if he misses a Wednesday night service. This man was having an affair with two women -- one half his age and the other an energy company lobbyist who apparently enjoys a fat old white man spanking her! I hope she got a good bonus for that one!

I know you'll enjoy the links, and like me have some fun with them. But remember how sad it is that people like this are spending our money, making decisions that effect us and our families and writing laws that give equality only to those who prescribe to their version of "conservative family values." Keep the peace my friends.

Arlie Rufus