Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shame on Conklin Farms and Gary Conklin

I'll keep this one short and sweet and let my new friend Jamie Lee Curtis do the talking. Many of you have seen the hidden film from Mercy Animals showing the extreme animal cruelty at Conklin Farms in Ohio. If you have not, the link I'm attaching from Jamie Lee has it and although disturbing, demands you watch and learn and act!

Jamie Lee has a link to that is a petition demanding Mr. Conklin's and his cohorts arrest for animal cruelty. I urge you and all my fans to sign it and pass it on. Until we learn, speak and act these sad excuses for human beings will keep on abusing animals -- and in many cases other humans (yes my friend, look at the research -- if you abuse an animal you are more likely to abuse a child or another human!).

So I have four assignments for you:
1. watch the video...and troubling as it it
2. sign the petition
3. pass it on
4. do anything else in your powers to stop this madness!!

You are my friends and fans -- and as my profile says -- speak for those with no voices!

Bless you!

Arlie Rufus