Monday, July 27, 2009

Would God Back Universal Healthcare: A Story Worth Reading

As most of you know, I don't normally go down the religious path when it comes to politics. I believe there should be CLEAR separation between our government and our churches. Yes, yes I know that our founding fathers had strong religious convictions and I'm thankful for this -- after all as Dads have told me their religious upbringings taught them to respect all people, treat them as equals and have a good heart for everyone. So for those convictions, I thank our founding fathers.

Now let me preface about my thinking on this health care crisis -- I'm not looking for the president or a democrat to get credit for fixing this insurance pocket greasing industry. I don't care who gets credit for fixing it. Hell, Sarah Palin has time on her hands, maybe she can take a crack. But fix it.
And as the health care debate heats up and some believe quality, affordable health care is not actually a god given right I ask you to read this telling article published today in the USA Today from a member of the clergy. It's an interesting take on what a few of our good books say about caring for the health and well being of others. So when some use the bible to prove a "point" that prohibits all Americans equality because of a verse or two they have taken into their own context, remember the passages that talk about loving and caring for your neighbor. It's a novel idea that our founding fathers knew hundreds of years ago. Something to think about. Good night all

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin, Magic Johnson Was a Point Guard and You Are No Magic Johnson

My fans have spoken and they are demanding a post to the sudden and yes "tragic" press conference by my dear ole friend Sarah Palin (I'll not call her governor any longer as she doesn't seem to think it means much to run a state.). Just when I think she's hit the height of being a "big ole mess" there goes again. While watching this train wreck, was anyone else thinking "this is like the student body president who got caught cheating on a test telling an assembly she had to quit?"

So listening to her resignation speech in a location that resembled Buddy and Sam's lake cabin in rural Alabama, I turned my lovable face to Volunteer Dad and said "did you just turn the TV to Comedy Central? Is this chick for real?" His response "shhhh!" this is going to be classic! And classic it was -- and still is, I must say. Another Serena/Venus final, a classic Andy/Roger final and a wonderful celebration of our nation later, I find it my duty to put some context into Sarah's Friday waterfront celebration. As I do prior to each post, I do a little looking around for news reports, comments, etc. to see what the feel of an issue is before I give it my all for my fans. I found a rundown of Conservative analysts ( calling Dana Perino an analyst is a stretch) commenting on Sarah's Friday neighborhood block party and they seem to have hit the nail on the head. The words they used include: bizarre, senseless, incoherent, rambling, disastrous, erratic and baffling.

That's right folks; the members of the Republican Party who always come to Sarah's defense are just as confused, albeit likely not as amused, as I am about this announcement. So I'd like to thank those "insightful" Conservatives for shedding light on this waterfront barbecue at Sarah and Todd's house. But I have to ask...why no comments on her point guard analogy? That was the highlight for me. Perhaps if she had consulted Magic Johnson (hell, consult anyone if that's what you do when Todd and the kids are giving you advice) she would have learned that point guards do dish off to teammates to help their team -- but they don't keep running straight off the gym floor and out the door to look for another game. They stay on the court and lead. Something Sarah has never understood. Good night all!