Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Week! Who are the real Losers?

I guess the week officially ended yesterday, but I woke up this morning still trying to get my adorable little head around the week that was! Farrah, Michael, Governor Sanford -- and then today Billy "yell at me until I clean my house" Mays. This followed the beloved Ed McMahon, the continued protest in Iran and suffice to say, we've had a hell of a news week.

So, as I'm sitting back on this comfortable couch, avoiding the 95 degree Atlanta heat and humidity, I tried to make sense of the week-that-was and wondering what is the real takeaway.

First Farrah. Yes, her limelight was overshadowed in the news by Gov. Sanford's "Don't Cry for me Argentina" affair and then the death of the King of Pop. But for the all of her oddities later in life, Farrah gave us all a glimpse into her pains and struggles at the end. We can call her dizzy, dumb blond, "angel" or anything else -- but how many of us would let the world see us dying and hope that something good came from it? I doubt many.

Then there's the Governor -- the "moral", anti anything that isn’t his family values Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. As he turned his nose at stimulus money in a state whose unemployment and poor education system is alarming, he was bedding down an Argentinean divorcee with two children. All the while, his wife and four kids were hanging out in Columbia or their beach front home. Now, for those of you long time fans of mine, you know I could go on for days about the hypocrisy of yet another "conservative family values" blowhard caught with his pants down. I mean let's only allow marriage for those "men and women" who live by God's law -- and certainly only let those like Gov. Sanford raise children. Because as we know, a home with a mother and a father getting it on with Evita down in Buenos Aires is the best kind of home to raise children. Rather, I simply ask you to think long and hard before you let another one of these self proclaimed“Christian” men or women tell you how to raise a child or build a home and family. Remember, many of them are looking for simple minded votes or another listener to their hate-filled radio or TV shows.

And then there's Michael. Oh my Michael. The father of three (although one almost bit it over a Berlin hotel balcony a few years back), King of Pop, bleacher of skin, taker of many meds, suspect of inappropriate actions with children and a refuser to grow up. Yes, I think that wraps it up. Now I've heard from Dads that this guy was quite the entertainer back in the day. I've heard some of the tunes, seen some of that dancing that appears to just now becoming popular in England (yes...MJ dancing from the 80s did defeat Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent and I'm still bitter over it) and have to admit, the dude had skills. I suppose I can see why so many are saddened by his death. But it sounds to me like many of these fans should have been saddened by his unbalanced life.

And finally we have the continued traumatic events in Iran. I've been in a cage waiting for someone to let me free, so I can relate to what millions of Iranians must be feeling: that their votes and voices have no meaning. And most alarming, they now have to feel they do not have the freedom to voice their disapproval. I support these people and ask all of my readers to support their right to protest and demand their voices are heard. But can I implore all of my fans to remember those in Darfur, Chad, and Somalia who have for years been begging for our support and aid. Why are we not hearing about them anymore? Why are "bags of wind" in Washington not taking the same passion toward their causes as Iran? These questions demand answers so join my dads in writing your elected officials for answers.

So as I leave you there is a constant in all of this week's news that is the real takeaway and that is the children. There's Michael's three who will be the topic of many media reports, and Gov. Sanford's four who have heard an abundance of "morality” from their father for years and now see actions that don't come close to mirroring his words; words that he has used to hurt many. The Argentinean mistress' two who will also have to hear an explanation as to why Mom did what she did with a married man. And lastly, there are children in Iran, Sudan, Chad and Somalia who are the real innocent victims of dictators and inaction by others. So for these young people, who cannot speak for themselves, let me ask you again "remember the children." Good night my friends. Let's hope next week gives us a chance to catch our breath.