Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Candace's Bum Shoulder Almost Does Us In!

As I have alluded to in previous posts, Dad has a love for his Tennessee Volunteers. This isn't just "fat Phil" and the football team and Bruce Pearl and the revitalized Tennessee men's basketball team. No, Dad turns into another person whenever any young college athlete with orange "TENNESSEE" across their chests takes to the arena. So last night, we watched his beloved Tennessee Lady Vols take to the court in search of their 18th Final Four appearance (yes, Dad is quick to point that out to any uconn fan who might offer to debate the merits of his Lady Vols as what women’s' basketball is all about).

With an early lead, Dad was fine, playing it cool. I was the happy recipient of his good nature as the chew treats were a flowing!! But just hold on a minute. Candace was hurt (that's the "greatest women's basketball player ever” Candace Parker)! Shoulder...a dislocated shoulder! It cannot be! Candace, play through the pain...please! Dad's sanity and my ability to snack for hours depend on it. As Candace was taken to the locker room late in the first half, I knew my fate – a walk around the neighborhood. That's not all bad, but compared to dog treats for the next two hours -- not ideal. As usual, Dad proclaims "I'm not watching anymore...too nervous!" The walk was longer than usual, as Dad and Dad had to help the late Reba and late Cheyenne's Dad move a refrigerator into his new house (the damn thing wouldn't fit through the door...what in the hell were they thinking).

But true to Dad's routine, his blackberry played the role of scoreboard. Candace had returned strapped up on her left shoulder and willed the team to a victory. Eighteen Final Fours for his beloved Lady Vols. All is right with the world. Candace, on behalf of a Dad who loves his Lady Vols and a dog who relishes dog treats, thank you. Dad looks forward to his trip to the Final Four this weekend, and me to yummy treats when you bring home championship number eight!!!

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