Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dad's Friend Passes to Young

Yesterday, I saw my dad have an emotional moment. Now, he's prone to such moments during a Tennessee Vol or Lady Vol game, but this one was different, so I took note. It seems a young woman he had attended junior and high school with had passed away -- at just 40 years old. Jenny Bates was her name, and if you had seen a picture of the young lady, you would see what a terrible loss it is and why Dad was emotional. I watched him as he read her obituary and then looked at her picture on a sweet web site to honor those who have passed away. If you read her profile, you'll see why I am taking the time to blog about Jenny. You see, Jenny loved animals -- cared for them and asked that memorial contributions be sent to the Humane Society of Chattanooga, TN., among other charities. Jenny had bravely fought breast cancer for years. It’s so sad that such a young, vibrant woman had to fight such a terrible disease. I'll save you my opinions on spending trillions on a war, why we still try to find treatments and cures for dreaded diseases (most of you know by now of my feelings on this). Rather, I'll ask you to remember this beautiful woman, and most importantly remember that a life lost at such a young age -- humans or pets -- should get all of our attention and commitment. I hope everyone reading this entry says a prayer for Jenny and her family. Jenny, my Dad will miss you and I'll do my small part to keep spreading the word to not forget you.

Arlie Rufus

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