Monday, July 27, 2009

Would God Back Universal Healthcare: A Story Worth Reading

As most of you know, I don't normally go down the religious path when it comes to politics. I believe there should be CLEAR separation between our government and our churches. Yes, yes I know that our founding fathers had strong religious convictions and I'm thankful for this -- after all as Dads have told me their religious upbringings taught them to respect all people, treat them as equals and have a good heart for everyone. So for those convictions, I thank our founding fathers.

Now let me preface about my thinking on this health care crisis -- I'm not looking for the president or a democrat to get credit for fixing this insurance pocket greasing industry. I don't care who gets credit for fixing it. Hell, Sarah Palin has time on her hands, maybe she can take a crack. But fix it.
And as the health care debate heats up and some believe quality, affordable health care is not actually a god given right I ask you to read this telling article published today in the USA Today from a member of the clergy. It's an interesting take on what a few of our good books say about caring for the health and well being of others. So when some use the bible to prove a "point" that prohibits all Americans equality because of a verse or two they have taken into their own context, remember the passages that talk about loving and caring for your neighbor. It's a novel idea that our founding fathers knew hundreds of years ago. Something to think about. Good night all

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