Sunday, November 9, 2008

YES WE DID!! And Did Not!

Tuesday night was a bit crazy at our house. No, the Lady Vols were not taking Dad Ed out of his fall Volunteer coma. And no, Dad Steve was not watching a replay of the 1994 Razorback NCAA basketball championship. We were watching Barack become our president. It was awesome! A few friends came over to watch the results, Dad Ed was watching while tracking results on his laptop and the chew treats and goodies were flying all over the place for me and the Foster Goofus! I knew it must be a good night.

So just after 10 or so, it was over! Obamamania was going strong and finally it seemed every American would have voice (unlike the past eight years -- four of which I can testify to!). It was a good night. I saw some tears of joy from Dad Ed all night. He has been a bit of a basket case for the past few months over the election. So this was a special night for him. When Aunt Elaine (his sister) called, Dad went outside and was tore up something big! I've never seen him so emotional. It was actually nice to see all the months of his worrying, donating and passionately supporting Obama pay off. So I suppose "YES WE CAN" became "YES WE DID." Or did we?

It seems something just as important as the election of our new leader was happening on the west coast. A group of Americans were being denied their god given right to be equal in the eyes of the law. Proposition 8 in California narrowly passed that denies gay Americans the right to marry that is afforded to all other Americans. I listened closely to the discussion and wondered "how could people who saw the light in electing a man of inclusion, diversity, love and peace reject the rights of so many? Well, rather than me ramble for a while, I'll leave you with a blog entry Dad and I found from Melissa Etheridge, a wonderful artist and singer who is also denied the same rights as my Dads. It speaks volumes and makes you ask yourself a few questions. And most importantly it makes it clear to those who oppose my Dads equal rights that gay Americans are not going away – they will fight like hell for our rights. No stopping them! They are Americans! YES WE CAN!! YES WE DID!! And YES WE WILL!!

Melissa’s Speaks

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