Friday, September 5, 2008

The Woman from Wasilla

Yes, my many friends and fans, it has been too long between posts. In this time, both dads have celebrated birthdays, hurricane season is in full force, football season underway, (do not ask about the Vols!) the conventions are over and the running mates have been selected. Although my Dads’ birthdays are the most important of this list, I’m sure they will grant me this post to concentrate on – “the woman from Wasilla.”
Sarah Palin is her name, and much like her new boss, I had no clue of her existence until a week ago. When the announcement was made she could be a heartbeat (an old heartbeat at that) away from the presidency of the United States, I sat up from the comforts of my snout resting on Dad Steve’s chest and asked myself “this could be the leader of the free world? I must learn more.” So I did.
Now let me remind all of my fans that my purpose here is to speak for those who do not have a voice – and that I will do. Let’s begin with Gov. Palin’s connection to Jesus Christ. Apparently, she has talked to Jesus and understands that, in reference to our soldiers in Iraq, "Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God," That’s an interesting revelation. It seems to me that we’ve had nearly 8 years of a leader that claims a special connection with God and things haven’t really gone so well. Our soldiers in Iraq have served honorably and well. But did they really go for honorable and honest reasons? Most of my pack thinks the answer is “no.” They are on a mission from George Bush for reasons of his choosing. So let me speak for those who do not have a forum: Do we really want to trust these folks that claim special connections to God and are willing to lie to get us to go along with them? Even dogs learn fairly quickly who to trust and who not to trust.
Next, she claims that in this discussion with God that it his will to get a natural gas pipeline built. She said that "God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that.” Could that be true? It would seem to be God’s will that the hungry be fed and the poor be helped and the sick be visited and people learn to love one another. But does he really get involved with gas pipelines? I’m just a dog, but when I want a biscuit I bark or sit or try to earn it. I don’t claim that the great Wolfhound in the sky wants me to have one. Let sister Sarah argue for the merits of the pipeline and take her chances rather than claiming that God wants the pipeline and that she is the messenger. Humans in positions of authority that claim special connections with the Almighty frighten me. Ask the moderate Muslims about the hijacking of their religion and political organizations by those who converse directly with Allah.
My research revealed so much more. She supported the “bridge to nowhere” before she didn’t. She really like congressional earmarks when they were good for Wasilla, but not so much when it scored her political points to disparage them. She supports “family values” and has five children. One is a special needs child and one is, well, let’s just say out of control. And she has time to be Governor of Alaska and maybe VP? How do her professional time commitments square with traditional right wing family values?
Next…oh wait a minute there is no next. I’ll simply leave you with a link to an AP story that shows a few little inconsistencies and maybe some little white lies being told by the GOP. I have found myself barking like the pit bull Palin claims to be for Dad Ed and Dad Steve to either give Obama and Biden another donation or just take me out for a walk to end the insanity that is Sarah Palin. As I approach my third year of the dog-turned-child of Dad Ed and Dad Steve, I have become more astute to the ways of the world. I hold my position as a dog with a voice with the highest regard and find speaking out for injustice as a powerful responsibility. So I’ll leave you with a comment on this last Palin “zinger” that only I can truly address and hope she reads this: Sarah ,, there is more than one difference between you and a pit bull. Pit bulls, when raised correctly, cared for, given discipline and guidance are lovable, caring and trusting creatures. I’m leaving my fans to make their determination if you actually encompass pit bull qualities.

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Drewbob said...

You are a wise pup, Arlie Ru. Smooches, Luis