Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Long Live the Beagle!

Fans of Arlie Rufus would be unrewarded if this dog with a voice did not send a shout out for his long lost cousin -- Uno -- champion of the Westminster Dog Show.

In an arena full of breeds that are used to taking home the prize, my cousin knocked it out of the park. Like the Arlie Rufus, he put on a show for the crowd. Walking, jogging, little run here, little run there -- yep, the beagle had it going on. And when the crown came, what did my cousin Uno do? Howled to the moon! That's right -- we beagles can howl till the cows come home (good thing the judges had already given me the crown!).

Now sure, Uno had some good breeding. Just like the Arlie Rufus, well cared for by his owners. But even though Uno seems perfect, he lacks one skill the Arlie Rufus has -- he can't speak! So on behalf of Uno and all the beagles out there who howl like the moon, thank you for the support. Now for those of you who want another Arlie Rufus or Uno -- check out and select "beagle" under the breed. There you can search within your local area for beagles that desperately need a home. Don't let a homeless beagle or other breed of dog live another night in a cage at a shelter. Give them a home. Do it for Uno. Do it for the Arlie Rufus. We are howling for your support! Congratulations again cuz!


Drewbob said...

Arlie Rufus - I am so glad to know you have your own blog and that you are using your unique voice for social justice. You know I admire men with an editorial bent. And a strong, clear voice. Hope to sniff you again soon.

Your friend,
Sadie Golden-Plant

Arlie Rufus said...

That sadie is hot hot hot!! She knows the arlie rufus well -- and like the arlie rufus, she barks a time or two for social justice! thank you sadie for the support!